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Current position of a skate park on the playing field

East Peckham Parish Council (EPPC) is aware there have been some queries regarding the current position of a skate park on the playing field. We hope this information will be helpful to bring everyone up to date.

East Peckham Parish Council have been discussing ways to make the playing field useable by all ages for some time, this included the possibility of a footpath around the outside of the field and to improve the mud bike track. The Parish Council met on 31 May, last month. That meeting was only to decide whether to continue with a current funding option that had been explored. The Parish Council voted to stop work on the current funding stream because it felt like its key objectives would be better met in a different way.

The purpose of the meeting was not to decide whether to stop or continue with a pump track or skate park.

The Asset Committee has already met on 8th June to discuss how to move forward and produce upgraded playing field facilities, with options that might be right for East Peckham having regard to the size and population of the village and other potential playing field projects. The Asset Committee and the Youth and Community Committee are continuing to work together to consider the best options.

For more detailed information, minutes of all relevant meetings are readily available. Please contact the Parish Council office by email: admin@eastpeckham-pc.gov.uk or by phone 01622 871309.

EPPC have several committees that residents can join to be part of the decision-making process.

Youth and Community is one such Committee, and it has been tasked with drawing up plans for the bike track and footpath, and EPPC will be looking at new fundraising options in the coming months.

If anyone is interested in helping, please contact the Parish Council office. by email: admin@eastpeckham-pc.gov.uk or by phone 01622 871309. 

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